Never-say-die elderly man on PMA returns to Waterway Point shop to shoplift another wallet after 1 year

Lightning not only thing that strikes twice.

Belmont Lay | January 19, 2021, 06:37 PM

An elderly man on a personal mobility aid (PMA) showed up at the same shop in Waterway Point in Punggol to shoplift twice -- one year after striking the first time.

Both times, his actions of nicking wallets off the display shelf were caught on video.

Shop owner outs shoplifter

Having had it with the elderly man after he took the second item, the shop owner posted a video of the two shoplifting occasions on Facebook.

Both times, the elderly man allegedly stole a leather wallet worth S$30.

The most significant observable difference between the two videos is the elderly man's wearing of a mask the second time round.

What happened

Lianhe Wanbao reported that the latest incident took place on Thursday, Jan. 7 at around 2pm.

The shop is located on the first floor of Waterway Point.

The shop owner said her staff did not notice the man entering the premises as they were busy attending to other customers.

The employee subsequently noticed a wallet missing from the counter while clearing up and checked the CCTV footage immediately.

The wallet was worth S$30.

The footage put up online was to help identify the man.

The shop owner said: "The elderly man was sitting on the PMA and is easily recognisable."

"One year ago, he came by to steal a S$30 wallet. I didn't expect him to come back again."

According to the footage, the modus operandi of the elderly man was easy.

He would take the items and pretend to be checking out the goods, before slipping them into his bag while he was seated.

It took him less than 10 seconds each time to make away with the stolen good.