S'pore condo resident rows inflatable boat in pool while other people swim

Bizarre sight.

Tanya Ong | January 04, 2021, 06:07 PM

Some residents at a condominium in Singapore were greeted by a bizarre sight one afternoon.

While most people use the swimming pool to swim or take a dip, one resident decided to utilise the facilities in a slightly different way.

Rowing boat

Armed with two oars, a man was seen rowing his inflatable boat (which had a little shelter of its own too, by the way) in the pool.

The man, who was masked up, was dressed in a t-shirt and pants.

Shared by Mothership reader.

In a video shared by a Mothership reader, apparently taken from a unit overlooking the condominium amenities, other groups of people can also be seen in the pool.

The pool looked to be rather empty, though:

Shared by Mothership reader.

Photos of the incident were also shared to Stomp on their Facebook post.

Stomp's caption added that the resident allegedly rowed his boat despite being told by other residents not to do so.

The incident is believed to have taken place on Thursday (Dec. 31).

Dangerous or nah?

In response to the Facebook post, some commenters agreed that it could be "dangerous", urging residents to report this incident to the condominium management.

Others, however, suggested that one shouldn't take things too seriously and there's nothing too dangerous about an "inflatable boat":


Literally whatever floats your boat.

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Top photo via Mothership reader.