Community cat leaves special 'gift' for S'pore family, turns out to be someone's missing pet parrot


Tanya Ong | January 31, 2021, 05:18 PM

Community cats can be a really endearing bunch when you get to know them better.

Some extra-friendly ones might even bring you gifts.

Discovering a parrot at his doorstep

Twitter user @xantitoxic recently shared an experience with a community cat who left them a gift at their doorstep.

The gift in question? A parrot, which turned out to be someone's pet.

The incident was documented in a short Twitter video:

Speaking to Mothership, @xantitoxic was initially "shocked" by the bird at their doorstep, but noted that it was normal for the cat to bring them gifts.

Photo courtesy of @xantitoxic.

The cat has been around the neighbourhood for a few years, with several residents sometimes feeding and caring for it. To show its love, the cat has often left them 'gifts' such as lizards and rats.


This time, however, the "gift" in question was a little different.

"I realised there was a ring on the parrot's foot. I knew that it has got to be someone's parrot!" The Twitter user told us.


A better look at the parrot:

Photo courtesy of @xantitoxic.

Turns out it was someone's pet parrot

Xantitoxic then recalled seeing a poster plastered at the lift lobby regarding a pet parrot that has been missing since Jan. 25.

"I went to check it and I was right!"


The owner of the parrot was informed of what had happened.

During the phone call, the person sounded to be "devastated but composed", @xantitoxic said. The parrot apparently belonged to their son.

A helper from the parrot owner's family later came to retrieve the bird's remains.

Top photo from Xantitoxic/Twitter.