Angry driver in S'pore chases after own car as he forgets to brake during road rage incident

Car be like, 'Kthxbye it 2021 AI and whatnot I'm so done'.

Belmont Lay | January 02, 2021, 05:48 AM

A road rage incident in Singapore went from angry to funny in under 3 seconds and has been uploaded on Facebook.

The clip, shot at Havelock Road, showed a man alighting from his blue Mazda CX-5 in a huff and mouthing off, before having to turn tail and chase after his vehicle, which moved off without him inside.

Why did car leave on its own?

The exact cause of the car taking off without any driver inside is not known, but it is possible that the gear stick could have been left in "Drive" mode instead of "Neutral" or "Park", and the handbrake might not have been fully engaged.

By the time the driver hopped back into the driver's seat and engaged the brake, the motorist he was going to confront started to move ahead, as seen from the dashboard camera footage.

Repeat performance

Despite or because of the faux pas, the enraged driver eventually managed to confront the other motorist, a near repeat performance that was also caught on video.

It appeared that after the first confrontation failed, both cars turned into Saiboo Street, where the enraged driver repeated his antics of getting out of the car, gesticulating, and mouthing off, as he approached the motorist behind him.

This time, he did it successfully without his car making a run for it on its own.