SMRT bus captain lauded for using umbrella to shelter commuters & carrying stroller during downpour on Dec. 31, 2020

Yay to more wholesome moments like these.

Ashley Tan | January 03, 2021, 02:34 PM

The unrelenting rain the past few days in Singapore has caused quite a bit of inconvenience, especially for commuters and motorists attempting to wade through flooded areas.

However, the gloomy weather has also provided some heartwarming moments.

Such as one encounter Klara Chong had with the bus captain of service 963.

Helping during heavy rain

Chong shared a Facebook post praising Segar, a SMRT bus driver.

At the time, she was with her husband and two children, riding the bus from Bukit Batok to HarbourFront.

Despite the family having their own umbrellas, Chong said that the bus captain insisted on sheltering them one by one as they boarded the bus.

At their destination, as it was still pouring, Segar helped the family carry their stroller from the bus to the interchange.

Photo from Klara Chong / FB

Photo from Klara Chong / FB

Chong shared that Segar even gave her children small gifts of chocolates as well.

Photo from Klara Chong / FB

To end off her post, Chong thanked Segar and revealed that it was the first time she had experienced such kindness from a bus driver during inclement weather.

Photo from Klara Chong / FB

This isn't the first wholesome instance of bus drivers helping out commuters.

Other commuters have shared their experiences of seeing bus drivers holding out umbrellas to shelter commuters boarding and alighting buses.

Stories of bus drivers offering forgetful commuters spare masks have also circulated online.

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Top photo from Klara Chong / FB