S'pore home cook launches S$109 Valentine's Day char siew flower bouquet, sold out after 10 days

For those who like their food.

Siti Hawa | January 31, 2021, 02:30 PM

If you're bored of giving/receiving fresh or dried flowers, you might like the idea of a bouquet made out of char siew.

Char Seal, a store specialising in extra charred, homemade char siew launched a pre-order for char siew flower bouquets for Valentine's Day on Jan. 21.

After around 10 days, orders for the char siew bouquet have closed.


Char siew flowers

Each char siew flower bouquet is priced at S$109 and comes with 12 roses and 12 char siew 'lollipops'.

According to Char Seal, gifting 12 char siew lollipops is a way of saying "You are so delicious to me".

Photo via @char.seal on Instagram

Photo via @char.seal on Instagram

Out of stock

Photo via @char.seal on Instagram

Limited slots were available and orders for the roses was scheduled to close on Feb. 1, 2021.

However, it is now out of stock, according to an Instagram story.

Photo via @char.seal on Instagram

However, if you're hungry for char siew, you may check out their Instagram page here which is still taking orders for its regular char siew dishes.

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Top photos via @char.seal on Instagram