Highly venomous black spitting cobra spotted at Changi Business Park


Ashley Tan | January 07, 2021, 07:10 PM

One man had a rather up close and personal encounter with one of the most venomous snakes in Singapore.

Sudip Kumar Saha shared in Facebook group Nature Society Singapore some stunning photos of a Black Spitting Cobra he saw at Changi Business Park.

Snake was in an aggressive stance

He said that he had been taking a morning stroll along the canal in the area when he made the sighting.

The snake was near the railing and initially escaped Sudip's notice.

It was only when he heard a sound after walking past, did he look back and see that the snake had adopted an aggressive stance.

Photos which he quickly snapped after the incident (and from a safe distance, he added), showed the large, solid black snake with its hood expanded.

Sudip speculated that he had likely spooked the snake by walking too close.

Photo from Sudip Kumar Saha / FB

Here's what it looks like when in a relaxed pose.

Photo from Sudip Kumar Saha / FB

Online commenters marvelled at the sighting of the snake, with one person joking that it looked flattened.

Will attack only when threatened

Black spitting cobras, also known as Equatorial spitting cobras, are highly venomous.

Aside from raising their hood, they will also stand erect and hiss loudly when feeling threatened.

It may also spray venom from its fangs, which can cover a distance of over one metre, and can cause discomfort or even temporary blindness if the venom were to enter the eyes.

Photo from Sudip Kumar Saha / FB

However, they are typically not aggressive unless provoked.

The species is native, and like many other snakes in Singapore such as the reticulated python, may travel through or hide in drains.

Should you encounter a snake such as a Black spitting cobra, do not approach or confront it and keep your distance.

You can find the National Parks Board's advisory on snake encounters here.

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Top photo from Sudip Kumar Saha / FB