Bangkok hits 16°C this Jan. 2021 with no rain

Chilly and not wet.

Belmont Lay | January 14, 2021, 12:47 PM

Temperatures in typically sunny Bangkok hit 16°C this mid-January 2021, as a cold spell has residents shivering.

The cold weather is accompanied by no rain.

The cold weather is expected to continue throughout the week, a meteorologist at the Climate Change & Disaster Center in Thailand said.

For the Jan. 11 to 17 week, the cold weather lasted through Monday and Tuesday, and got slightly hotter on Wednesday, before temperatures dip down again around Sunday.

In the countryside, three people died from the unusual cold weather.

But the cold weather will not last that long.

Thailand usually enters the hot season in March, as temperatures soar to 40°C.

The Thai Meteorological Department said the current cold spell would see temperatures fall to of 7°C to 12°C, and hit a high of 26°C during the first half of the week.

Temperatures will range from 12°C to 31°C from Thursday to Saturday, and between 8°C and 30°C on Sunday and Monday.

Northern mountaintops can be as cold as 2°C

La Nina

The cold spell is due to a high pressure system from China and La Nina.

La Nina is a natural phenomenon where sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific are lower than normal.

It’s the opposite of El Nino, where the oceans are warmer for a part of the cycle.