Dutch designer apologises after comments on M'sia's culture & the baju kurung goes viral

Malaysian netizens were angered by her comments.

Guan Zhen Tan | January 19, 2021, 07:02 PM

Lisette Scheers, Dutch designer and founder of Nala Designs issued a public apology after her comments about Malaysia's local culture and the baju kurung went viral and faced major criticism.


Scheers was recently interviewed by the South China Morning Post (SCMP), where she recounted growing up in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong in the 70s, and going back to Malaysia in 2003 after the birth of her daughter.

Scheers started Nala Designs in 2008 which sells apparel and accessories.

She founded the company as she "always had a close affinity with local culture"

The brand describes itself as "specialising in pattern design" and "inspired by Asian culture and heritage".

She said in the SCMP article that it was "shocking to see" how Malaysia had become commercial so quickly, and "everything was about making a quick buck" without pride nor quality.

When speaking about the materials she uses for her products, she was quoted as saying that she "can't bare[sic] the flammable cheap polyester I see everywhere in Malaysia."

Scheers also shared her vision: to "see the baju kurung return" and wanting "people here to feel proud of their heritage" - something which she said she is "on a crusade" to prevent its disappearance.

My dream is to see the baju kurung return, to see Malays dressing beautifully again. I want people here to feel proud of their heritage. Growing up this country was full of beautiful fabrics and colour. I’m on a crusade to make sure that doesn’t disappear.

Backlash on social media

Her interview quickly went viral for her comments, with much the criticism centred on her comments on wanting the baju kurung to return.

Netizens also found fault in the way she perceived Malaysia's local culture and her wanting to educate Malaysians on their own heritage problematic.


Some posted photos as well in response to the article, including Queen of Malaysia Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah.

Photo via airtangan_tankuazizah's Instagram post


A few also pointed out that her brand was selling a more expensive version of traditional clothing pieces, which they felt contradicted her criticisms on Malaysia's commercialisation.

On her website, kaftans are being sold for RM499 (S$163.81).

Baju kurungs seems to have been previously listed for sale on the website, but the aforementioned section is currently empty.

Photo via Nala Design's website

Photo via Nala Design's website


A short apology has been posted by Scheers on Nala Design's Instagram page.

Scheers said that she would like to apologise "for the misunderstanding" and "giving the wrong impression".

She said that she loves Malaysia "like no other" and that it is a "source of inspiration", with its people making it special.

I’d like to apologise for the misunderstanding and for giving the wrong impression. I have always considered Malaysia as my home and I love this country like no other. Malaysia to me, is a source of inspiration and what makes it special are its people and I’m learning everyday.

The apology can be seen here, and the full article on SCMP can be read here.