Blanket of small, fluffy altocumulus clouds appear over S'pore skies on Jan. 24 morning

So fluffy.

Julia Yeo | January 24, 2021, 11:21 AM

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A blanket of small, patchy clouds were seen covering various parts of Singapore on Sunday morning, Jan, 24, since sunrise.

Photo via Alice Bee/Nature Society (Singapore)/FB

Blanket of patchy clouds cover morning sky across Singapore

Internet users from local community Facebook group Nature Society shared several images of the cloud-covered morning sky in Singapore earlier today.

The huge patches of clouds were seen all around Singapore, including places such as Sembawang:

Photo via Sri Mohd/FB


Bishan Park:

Photo via Hamzah Osman/FB


Photo via Hamzah Osman/FB

Sims Lane:

Photo via Hamzah Osman/FB


Photo via Wee Pay Lin/FB


Photo via Guan Zhen Tan

Some of these cloud formations made for beautiful photos, mirrored on bodies of water:

Photo via Wee Pay Lin/FB

Photo via Boon Kiat Tay/FB

Photo via Wei Chin Tian/FB

Altocumulus clouds

The formation of what appears to be altocumulus clouds earlier in the morning led to picturesque skies across the island.

Altocumulus formations are described as rounded, individual masses with a clear sky showing between them, similar to what was seen in the photos.

In tropical climates such as Singapore, altocumulus typically comes from the remnants of a convective system such as a thunderstorm.

Such phenomena in the morning would usually lead to thunderstorms later in the day.

According to the local weather forecast, thundery showers are likely to cover the southern and western parts of Singapore in the late afternoon today.

Top image via Boon Kiat Tay/FB, Alice Bee/FB