Netflix confirms 'Alice in Borderland' Season 2


Mandy How | January 12, 2021, 03:04 PM

Season two of hit Netflix show "Alice in Borderland" has been confirmed.

The Japanese TV series premiered on Netflix in December 2020 to enthusiastic viewers.

The manga-based story is a dystopian blend of science fiction and thriller, featuring three friends who find themselves in a parallel world where they must compete in sadistic games for their survival.

Each episode is based on a game, but also develops an overarching plot in which the protagonists try to discover the mastermind behind the sinister world.

Since its release, "Alice in Borderland" has since become the most popular Japanese Original live action title on Netflix.

Netflix, however, has yet to confirm any dates for the second season.

Going by Season 1, the show should air about one year after filming concludes.

Here's a brief timeline for the first season:

  • July 2019: Netflix announces that the live-action adaption
  • Aug. 2019: Filming begins
  • Dec. 2019: Filming concludes
  • Dec. 2020: Show premieres on Netflix

If the timeline remains the same, this would mean that we should see Season 2 around mid-2022, assuming that filming has yet to start.

However, numerous media reports and fans have also speculated that it may arrive sooner, in late-2021.

Photo by Haro Aso, Shogakukan/ROBOT via Netflix

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Top image by Haro Aso, Shogakukan/ROBOT via Netflix