Channel 8 actor Yao Wenlong's JB eatery vandalised by hungry hooligans who needed money to eat


Joshua Lee | December 14, 2020, 04:40 PM

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Local Channel 8 actor Yao Wenlong's eatery, Sun Gourmet Kitchen (新煌亭), in Johor Bahru was recently vandalised, reported 8 World.

The incident happened in the early morning of December 12, 2020.

His shop, which was started with a partner, was splashed with red paint and had a note stating "Owe Money Pay Money" in Mandarin on its shutters. The note also had a contact number written on it.

Yao told 8 World that he and his business partner sent a message to the contact number, indicating that none of their staff owed money, and asked if there was a mistake.

"The other party replied in the evening that indeed, we didn't owe them any money. It was actually an emergency. They had no money for food and hoped that we would help. They even threatened to burn down my shop if we don't give them money!"

Yao then handed the matter over to the local police to settle. He also told 8 World that Sun Gourmet Kitchen will operate as per normal and he would not give in to these hooligans.

He also revealed that the other party sent him a video of an arson attack in an unidentified location yesterday (December 13), along with the question: "Boss, are you looking down on me?"

Yao has engaged a security guard to guard the restaurant at night because his business partner and staff live in the unit above.

While Yao is worried for his and his family's safety, he said that his estate in JB is "relatively safe".

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Top image credits: Yao Wenlong/Instagram, Yao Wenlong via 8 World

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