S'pore man shares hilarious video of himself walking into glass door in his own home

Clearly well-cleaned.

Nigel Chua | December 27, 2020, 06:04 PM

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Facebook user Xin Xun Ying has a glass door installed between the kitchen and living room of his Bukit Batok flat.

Ying and his family have — rather remarkably — had no accidents with the completely clear glass door for the last three years.

Until today, that is.

Ying gamely shared clips of CCTV footage from two different angles, showing him walking right into the door seconds after his brother closed it.

The video clips on Facebook are recordings of the footage being played on a large screen, and Ying's family members can be heard laughing as it plays.

In the clips, Ying is seen walking toward the door, unaware that it is closed.

The family is heard laughing in anticipation of the climactic moment, as Ying walks toward the door in the recording:

And then, the impact:

GIF from video by Xin Xun Ying on Facebook.

He then walks right into it and stumbles back, drawing even louder peals of laughter from the audience watching the recording.

The sound of the impact, which can be heard in the second video, drew his family members out of their rooms and into the living room area, where they found Ying holding his face in pain.

Thankfully, Ying's injury was a mild one, leaving him with a swollen forehead.

And while this is the first incident in three years, Ying's wife "immediately" ordered decorative stickers for the glass door to prevent future occurrences.

Reminding others to be careful

Ying's Facebook post has clearly struck a chord, garnering an unexpected 1,000 shares and counting.

Ying told Mothership that he had put it up on Facebook to share the funny incident with his friend so "everyone can laugh together".

He added that he also wanted to remind others to be careful with transparent glass doors.

You can see Ying's post here:

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Top image via Xin Xun Ying on Facebook

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