Taiwanese man asks girlfriend to pay for eating 2 dumplings he offered her during date


Julia Yeo | Ashley Tan | December 10, 2020, 02:19 PM

Deciding who should pay during a date has long been a source of intrigue and discussion, as well as a cause for migraines for couples around the world.

Splitting the bill is often the ideal course action — neither person has to go through the awkwardness and hesitation of waiting for the other to pull out their cash or card, or pushing the other's hand away in attempts to be chivalrous and pay for the date.

One couple in Taiwan had it all sorted out — they would typically go dutch during their dates.

Until one particular date, after the couple had been dating for around three months.

Pay for what you eat

In an anonymous Taiwanese confession page on Facebook, the girlfriend shared in a Sep. 25 post that she had visited a dumpling restaurant with her boyfriend.

The boyfriend ordered 15 dumplings, while she ordered curry potstickers.

During the meal, he asked her if she wanted some of his dumplings, to which she readily agreed that she would like two.

All was well until it came time to pay for their meal.

At the cashier, the boyfriend told her that she would have to pay him an extra NT$16 (S$0.76) for the two dumplings she ate.

The girlfriend's response: "Um... okay."

She then gave him NT$20 (S$0.95).

In the post, she expressed her shock at her boyfriend's actions, considering he had offered her his dumplings after all.

She added that she was not "fussed" about paying extra, but "deep in my heart it feels weird".

She also wondered if she was overthinking things.

What about the change?

Commenters were sympathetic towards the girl.

"Eating dumplings is really the most efficient way to test your relationship."

With some stating that she should dump the man.

"Buy a packet of 100 frozen dumplings for him, then dump him straight."

Others went straight to the meat of the issue:

"So did he return you the NT$4?"

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