Youths film & edit video of themselves shoving & swearing at elderly man near The Cathay

A police report has been lodged.

Ashley Tan | December 29, 2020, 07:47 PM

A video of a group of youths skating around Singapore, among other shenanigans, created quite a furore after it was circulated on social media.

The video, which was likely reposted from the original creator's Instagram account to a Twitter account called sg.trending, has since garnered over 1,100 retweets.

The reactions were overwhelmingly negative.

Shoving and shouting at elderly man

The one-minute long clip appeared to have been filmed by the youths themselves, and was heavily edited — it combined various different clips and had music laid over the original video.

The majority of the video showed the youths skating at several places around Singapore.


Interspersed between these skating shots, however, are short clips of what appears to be the same group of youths in an altercation with an elderly man outside The Cathay at Dhoby Ghaut.

For easy viewing, here is a compilation of all the clips involving the elderly man:

The youths can be seen shouting and pointing at the man.

The man says to the group "This is not your private property", although it is not known what exchange took place before this.

One youth responds "It's not your f*cking property too, what the f*ck!" and "Get your white hair outta here, Santa Claus-looking *ss."

The youth also filmed themselves smacking the back of the man's head, shoving him, and attempting to hit his phone out of his hand.

The latter part was edited with the slow-motion effect.

In another part of the original video, the camera appeared to zoom in and focus on the rears of several women walking past.

Lambasted by netizens

The video has since sparked quite a bit of backlash online, with Twitter users finding it to be rude and disrespectful.

Instagram story defending video

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of an Instagram story, supposedly by one of the youths involved in making the video.

This youth claimed ownership of the video and stated that his videos "are not for everyone" and that "2020 is now filled with sensitive *ss people".

He then thanked those who "had [his] back" and people for watching his content. He added that "any publicity is good publicity".

The original video seems to have been taken down from the Instagram account, if the video did originate from that account.

Screenshot from Twitter

In response to Mothership's queries, the Police confirmed that a report was lodged and that they are looking into the matter.

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Top photo from sg.trending / Twitter