Netizen apologises to Shanmugam for 'black man wearing white' comment

The netizen also alleged that the minister was engaging in gaslighting.

Matthias Ang | December 12, 2020, 12:01 PM

A Facebook user by the name of Nubela Goh has apologised to the Minister for Law and Home Affairs over a comment which alleged that the minister was engaging in "gaslighting" and called him a "black man wearing white".

The comment was highlighted by K Shanmugam in a Facebook post on Dec. 11. Shanmugam's post appeared to have been made in response to a earlier post by the minister about a heartfelt email he received from a former cannabis abuser.

In his post on Dec.11, Shanmugam questioned if Goh's comment was racist and noted that there appeared to be a derogatory intent behind the use of the terms "gaslighting" and "black man in white."

Made a poll on the comment on Instagram Stories

Shanmugam also put up Goh's comment as a poll on Instagram Stories, in which he asked people to vote on whether it was racist or not.

Source: kshanmugam_ Instagram

Thus far, it appears that 88 per cent have voted Yes, while 12 per cent have voted No.

Source: kshanmugam_ Instagram

Netizen puts up post clarifying his intent, Shanmugam takes screenshot

Subsequently, Goh put up a post in which he initially clarified that there was "zero intent" for racism and added:

" I apologise if you or any other people are slighted by that statement. No ifs/buts on that apology."

He also explained that use of his term "black man in a white shirt" was meant to highlight Shanmugam's white shirt and how the minister was supposedly speaking for the ruling People's Action Party (PAP).

As such, his comment was allegedly meant to say the following:

"Have you tried weed? If not you might be the ignorant one gaslighted by __someone who speaks loudly for PAP__"

Source: Screenshot from Nubela Goh Facebook

In response, Shanmugam took a screenshot of his comment and put it up in another post, noting that he had also received a request from Goh asking for the removal of references to his name and company.

Shanmugam added that he had done but "his name and his company’s name were in his original comment when he posted his comment on my FB page."

Goh then amended his post to read the following:

Source: Screenshot from Nubela Goh Facebook

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