Samsung's 'lifestyle' TVs come in cardboard packaging you can fold into cat house or magazine rack


Ashley Tan | December 01, 2020, 09:30 PM

In an effort to reduce waste, Samsung has introduced a line-up of new, eco-friendly packaging for its "Lifestyle TV" portfolio.

This initiative was first introduced by the tech giant in April earlier this year.

Reusable cardboard packaging

Samsung's The Serif, The Sero and The Frame, will arrive in corrugated cardboard which can be recycled into functional and chic home furnishing items.

Each TV's packaging has a dot matrix which allows buyers to cut the boxes more easily and fold and reassemble them into other forms.

Some examples of objects the packaging can transform into include a quaint cardboard house for your cat (or any other pet).

Photo from Samsung

Photo from Samsung

A rack to hold magazines or books.

Photo from Samsung

Or even a small end table to set any miscellaneous items on.

Photo from Samsung

Customers can retrieve instructions to make these items by scanning a QR code on the boxes.

Competition for designs

Samsung also partnered with British design firm Dezeen to organise a global competition — the most unique and practical designs would be included in its eco-packaging manual for customers to use.

The winners of the competition had designed small stools, tables and toys in the shape of endangered animals like polar bears, sea turtles and rhinoceroses which customers could fold the packaging into.

Photo from Samsung

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