Pulau Tekong cookhouses serve up special Christmas meal with hotdogs, mac & cheese


Guan Zhen Tan | December 26, 2020, 11:18 AM

Christmas season was a little bit special for those on the Pulau Tekong this year.

Hearty Christmas meal

The cookhouses on the island came up with a special Christmas dish this year, as seen in a Facebook post by the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC).

The meal specifically contains a hearty serving of mac and cheese with ham and mushroom, some variant of pie, hotdogs and soup.

There is even a small cake for dessert.

Here's what it looks like:

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

The post also included photos of servicemen having a special meal, who gave it a thumbs-up.

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

Comments were a mixture of envious netizens tagging their friends, as well as some who were a bit more cynical:

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page

Not the first special meal

The Pulau Tekong cookhouses whip up special meals every now and then it seems.

Earlier in December, a cohort of Singapore Armed Forces full-time national servicemen army recruits were given a special "Strong Burger Meal" for lunch.

While it's not said whether there will be more of such special meals in the near future, on a more regular basis is their "Western Wednesday" menu, which is the once-a-week treat that every recruit looks forward to on the island.

Even with special meals that leave some older folks with envy, some things don't change.

Photo via BMTC's Facebook page


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Top image via BMTC's Facebook page