Phase 3 is now

Here are the rules.

Belmont Lay | December 28, 2020, 04:07 AM

Singapore is officially in Phase 3 from Dec. 28, 2020.

Social gatherings of up to eight persons is allowed.

Households may receive up to eight visitors.

Sports activities involving up to eight persons are also allowed.

Malls and large standalone stores will increase the capacity limit from 10 square metres per person to 8 square metres per person.

Attractions may increase their operating capacity from 50 per cent up to 65 per cent.

Religious organisations can increase their capacity for congregational and other worship services to up to 250 persons, in zones of up to 50 persons each for congregational services.

Places of worship can have live performance elements with the necessary safe management measures in place.

Up to 10 persons will be allowed to unmask at any given time.

Of the 10, up to five persons will be allowed to unmask for singing.

However, worshippers and those involved in live performance elements are to be spaced at least 3m apart.

A household can invite up to eight visitors for marriage solemnisation held in the home.

This excludes members of the hosting household, the solemniser and vendors.

Live instrumental music, except for wind instruments, will be allowed at marriage solemnisations (in indoor venues only), funerals, and funerary-related activities, with the necessary safe management measures in place.

Indoor live performances of up to 250 persons in zones of 50 persons each will be allowed.

TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, where the TraceTogether app or token is required for SafeEntry check-ins, will only be implemented as the exclusive mode of entry early next year.

Until then, visitors can still perform SafeEntry check-in via the following:

  • TraceTogether app
  • SingPass Mobile
  • QR reader apps
  • Identity cards such as NRIC, Pioneer or Merdeka Generation cards

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