Photo of sign at closed cemetery telling people to beware of ghosts is fake: NEA


Ashley Tan | December 01, 2020, 10:39 PM

Cemeteries are spooky places for sure.

With these plots of land dedicated to be the final resting place for the dead, rumours and superstitions are bound to arise.

Visitors to these areas however, can be susceptible to a host of other dangers as well, aside from those of the paranormal variety.


A sign at a closed cemetery in Singapore (cemeteries are closed when they are full) might warn visitors of hazards such as falling trees or tree branches, slippery ground, and insect and snake bites.

One particular photo of such a sign that has been circulating, however, appears to have a slight difference.

One of the hazard icons has been replaced with what looks to be an image of a woman with black hair and a white dress — a ghost, or pontianak.

Beware of ghosts, maybe?

Here's what it looks like:

Photo from NEA / FB

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has clarified in a Facebook post that the sign is, in fact, doctored and this is what the actual sign looks like.


Photo from NEA / FB

NEA said that they are aware of the doctored photo of the sign circulating on social media.

The agency urged those who have seen the messages or posts containing the photo not to share or circulate them further.

NEA then followed up with some hashtags in their post: "#Boo #HalloweenIsOver #HelloDecember".


You can read NEA's full post here.

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Top photo from NEA / FB