Abandoned kampung hut in Mandai area demolished, no longer standing as of Dec. 25


Sulaiman Daud | December 25, 2020, 10:10 PM

An abandoned kampung hut in Mandai forest, previously accessible via Chestnut Park, appears to have been demolished.

On Dec. 21, some directions from Facebook user Abu Uwais surfaced on how to reach the mysterious green hut hidden deep in the forest.

Located about 100m off Gangsa Track, formerly Mandai Track 15, the hut was a reminder of an earlier era in Singapore's history.

Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the area had a number of houses, plantations and even a place of worship.

The hut itself, as late as November 2020, had green paint and some new connecting bolts, suggesting that some maintenance work had recently been performed.

The remnants of some clothes and other debris also suggested it was recently used as a temporary home or a storage space.

Hut demolished

However, no one will use the hut ever again.

On Dec. 25, a man named Abdullah Khairun Saggi shared some photos of the current location to Facebook group Singapore Hikers.

The caption on his post read, "Mandai Green Hut had been confirmed demolished."

Photo by Abdullah Khairun Saggi.

Photo by Abdullah Khairun Saggi.

Speaking to Mothership, Abdullah's daughter Nisa said that she had read about the hut online.

She and her father then wanted to go and see it for themselves.

However, she said that they had a hard time looking for the hut, because there was no longer a fallen trunk, a yellow plastic bag tied to a tree, or a marking that read "kampung", which previously served as landmarks.

When they did reach the area, they found that the hut had been knocked down.

There was little left but debris and some green planks to hint at what was previously standing there.

Photo by Abdullah Khairun Saggi.

Photo by Abdullah Khairun Saggi.

Nisa also confirmed there were no signs or any indication as to who had demolished the hut.

Much like the hut itself, the identity of just who knocked it down is a mystery.

Top photo by Abdullah Khairun Saggi.