Man in M'sia walks leashed pet tortoise around neighbourhood, might take quite a while

Wonder why he needs a leash.

Tanya Ong | December 29, 2020, 08:52 PM

A man in Malaysia recently took his pet out for a little walk around the neighbourhood.

Which seems pretty ordinary, until one notices that his pet is, in fact, a leashed tortoise. And a rather large one at that.

Photos of the pair strolling past some houses in a landed estate were shared to Facebook and subsequently circulated.

The location is believed to be somewhere in Johor Bahru.

Walk might take a while

Here are some photos of the somewhat bizarre activity:

Aurizn Malaysia/FB

Aurizn Malaysia/FB

The Facebook post by Aurizn Malaysia dated Dec. 24 also had a cheeky caption suggesting that the walk might take a while:

"House no. 1 — 5pm, house no. 8 — 6pm".

The full post:

Tortoise and young pal

Several days later on Dec. 27, another set of photos surfaced, showing a young boy with what looks to be the same tortoise.

The relationship between the elderly owner and the boy is unclear.

The boy seemed to be tugging on the tortoise's leash while the rather bemused owner looked on from behind.




The Facebook caption said: "This 100-year-old tortoise goes for a walk daily and can't bear to go home. Maddening!"

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Top photo via Aurizn Malaysia, 1314天使守护你/FB