M'sia granny loses close to S$100,000 in cash left in Milo tins destroyed by pests & time

Mad stacks of cash in ringgit eroded by pests, time and inflation.

Belmont Lay | December 09, 2020, 03:22 AM

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A grandmother in Malaysia lost multiple wads of physical cash to pests, time, and inflation, after the money she stored in Milo tins for extended periods disintegrated over time.

In total, she supposedly lost some RM300,000 (S$98,593).

The elderly woman's predicament was shared on the Penang News Group on Facebook on Dec. 1.

Stacks of cash

RM100 bills were seen bundled together into stacks of money and placed on the floor in the first video.

Each bundle is estimated to be worth around RM15,000 to RM20,000, according to World of Buzz, but it could be possibly more.

Notes destroyed

However, in a subsequent video, the notes seen strewn on the floor were supposedly destroyed by pests that had descended upon the wads of cash and damaged the bulk of them, making them unusable.

At least 10 stacks of RM100 notes were blackened and disintegrated.

Each smaller stack could be about RM10,000.

Even though some of the notes appeared unaffected at first glance, the sides of the bills were damaged.

The rubber bands used to tie the notes together had also disintegrated.

The notes that had been rendered no longer legal tender have black specks on them, which is suspected to be caused by insects.

A man in one of the videos can be heard saying: “All the notes that I’ve taken out here have problems. There’s RM10,000 in one stack, and there are a total of 23 stacks, so that’s RM230,000.”

The value of RM10,000 is equivalent to about S$3,283.

RM300,000 lost

In total, the elderly woman was estimated to have lost at least RM300,000 (S$98,593).

But a handful of the notes were salvaged.

One final video that was shared in the Facebook group showed some 11 stacks of RM100 notes intact.

This pile of usable notes added up to about RM110,000 (S$36,151).

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