Drop-off point at Our Tampines Hub lets you donate used mail packaging

Don't throw away your Christmas shopping packaging just yet.

Sumita Thiagarajan | December 26, 2020, 07:01 PM

After online shopping, most of us will have mail packaging that we might throw away.

However, an initiative in Singapore, Package Pals, helps to collect single-use mail packaging and distributes them to retailers to be used again.

What to donate

Here are the items they accept for recycling, with specified sizes:

  • Poly mailers (A4 size and larger)
  • Paper envelopes (A4 size and larger)
  • Clear plastic wrappers (A4 size and larger)
  • Padded envelopes (small or large)
  • Bubble wrap (small or large)

Where & how to donate

Before you drop off your used mail packaging, remember to remove any private information on your mailing labels.

For poly mailers, Package Pals recommends using alcohol, nail polish remover to can remove permanent marker ink, or to write over private information with a dry erase marker before wiping it off.

For paper products, you can use correction tape or permanent markers to cancel out your details. You can also paste a piece of paper over private information.

Make sure all old logos and shipping labels are covered or blacked out as well.

The drop-off point is located near the SingPost POPStation or Central Plaza near Our Tampines Hub.

Here's what the yellow-coloured drop off point looks like:

Photo via package.pals/Instagram

More details can be found on their Instagram page:

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Top images via E Tan/Google Maps & package.pals/Instagram