M Social Hotel guests endure 4-hour power shutdown at 12am, emergency lights come on

They say they weren't informed beforehand.

Siti Hawa | December 20, 2020, 03:45 PM

Guests at M Social Hotel at Robertson Quay, who were expecting a peaceful night's rest, faced power supply disruptions during the hotel's annual power shutdown exercise on Dec. 18 and 19 instead.

On Dec. 19, the power supply disruption lasted for approximately four hours, during which there was no power in the hotel rooms.

The emergency lights came on in the room, likely as a safety feature or else guests would be shrouded in darkness.

However, this had the effect of keeping guests up at night.

via Mothership reader and M Social Hotel guest

The annual power shutdown exercise was mandated according to government regulatory requirements.

Guests informed via slip of paper

Guests claimed that a slip of paper was inserted underneath their hotel room door to inform them of the power shutdown at around 8pm.

Photo via Jeffery Wong on Facebook


In response to the incident, guests took to the M Social Hotel Facebook page's comment section to share their experience.

One guest who experienced the power shutdown questioned why it was held during a peak period and pointed out that guests weren't notified prior to booking the room.

Photo via M Social on Facebook

Another felt that the hotel should have informed guests in person or through a phone call instead of slipping a piece of paper underneath the door.

Photo via M Social on Facebook

Another shared that he woke up to a stuffy room with no aircon.

The power shutdown also apparently resulted in "hundreds of guests" outside the hotel.

Photo via M Social on Facebook

In response to Mothership, M Social Hotel said:

"The power shutdown at M Social was part of an annual mandatory exercise prepared in coordination with the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Efforts were made to inform guests of the shutdown. This included informing guests at front desk and putting up notices at the lift lobby and rooms. Despite the advanced warnings, some guests felt uncomfortable and were duly concerned. The hotel operations team was on standby during the shut down to help guests."

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