Jurong hawker sells handmade soon kueh with translucent skin, has kimchi pork & other fillings

Looks good.

Joshua Lee | December 05, 2020, 02:30 PM

If you enjoy soon kueh with paper-thin skin, you might want to check out House of Kueh.

The online-only business offers a variety of soon kueh with skin so thin that they're practically translucent.

Aside from Classic Soon Kueh (S$18 for 12) which comes with jicama (Mexican turnip) and dried shrimp, there is the Spinach Skin Bamboo Shoot with Pork Soon Kueh ⁣(S$15 for six) which boasts a translucent green soon kueh skin thanks to natural green colouring from spinach.

The spinach skin one is filled with chunky bamboo shoots, black fungus, and minced pork. This is closer to the original soon kueh because traditionally, soon kueh is made with bamboo fillings, not jicama.

Here are some photos of their original and spinach skin soon kueh taken from the shop's Instagram page:

@chiaraang via House of Kueh/Instagram


@crappysotong via House of Kueh/Instagram


@frootlupe via House of Kueh/Instagram


@ghostguan via House of Kueh/Instagram


House of Kueh/Instagram

Recently, House of Soon Kueh also launched a new flavour: Kimchi with Pork Soon Kueh (S$16 for 6). It's quite a novel flavour but it already has fans online.

House of Kueh/Instagram


House of Kueh/Instagram

Novel way of making soon kueh

The couple who sells the kueh — Angeline Teoh, 52, and Alvin Koh, 57 — are hawkers in Jurong operating a noodle stall called Da Shan Jiao . They sell pork noodles and Penang prawn mee.

Soon Kueh used to be a Friday special at their stall, but thanks to the pandemic, they started selling their kueh daily.

Angeline is able to make her kueh skin so thin because she does not shape the soon kueh by hand.

Instead she makes the skin by pouring a thin layer of rice flour batter onto a steamer, allowing it to set before placing the stuffing on top. Then she wraps the entire soon kueh using a spatula.

Because the skin is so thin, you cannot freeze it. You can keep it in the refrigerator for two days, and then reheat by microwaving or steaming. The best way to consume it, however, is to eat it fresh.

You can order it for delivery (with a S$7 islandwide delivery fee) or self collect at Jurong (pre-order needed).

There is no minimum order for delivery.

House of Kueh

Form for delivery and pre-order: https://forms.gle/CxTaLXnQm7PYhC3o8

Venue for self-collection: Da Shan Jiao, [email protected], 3A International Business Park, #01-06 Jurong West, Singapore 609935 (map)

Self collection timing: 11am - 1.30pm (for pre-orders only)

Contact: 81199538 (WhatsApp)

Social Media: Instagram •  Facebook

Top images: @chiaraang via House of Kueh/Instagram and @frootlupe via House of Kueh/Instagram