Video of child dashing back & forth across Seah St road as parents look on draws netizens' ire

The dashcam vehicle had to brake hard upon seeing the girl.

Ashley Tan | December 29, 2020, 01:07 PM

A video posted recently to Facebook page SG Road Vigilante has drawn much ire from netizens.

Ran across the road twice

The short clip was filmed from a vehicle's dashcam, showing it turning left into Seah St.

However, the vehicle brakes hard when a young girl suddenly runs across the road. The driver in the vehicle can be heard letting out a small "Wah".

A woman, presumably the girl's mother, strolls along on the pavement after the girl, while looking at her phone.

A line of cars in the other lane pauses at the sight of the girl as well.

Just as the taxi in the opposite lane is about to move forward, the girl dashes back across the road a second time.

A loud honk sounds, although it is uncertain if it came from the taxi or the dashcam vehicle.

The woman beckons to the girl as she dashes back, and a man who appears to be her father runs up to her.

You can watch the full clip here.

Criticised parents for not keeping a close eye on her daughter

Numerous Facebook users lambasted the parents for not supervising their child properly.

Although the girl was unhurt in this instance, previous incidents where people dashed across busy roads have not ended as well.

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Top photo from SG Road Vigilante / FB