S'pore lady sustained bruises from reclining seat in cinema, as chair closed up automatically


Guan Zhen Tan | December 31, 2020, 05:07 PM

Under Phase 3 of Singapore's re-opening, audiences of up to 250 in groups of 50 are allowed in indoor venues.

This means that many Singaporeans have started to return to the cinemas.

A bizarre incident occured recently in a cinema, when a lady was injured by a reclining armchair after watching a movie.

The injured cinemagoer was offered assistance and medical compensation by Eaglewings Cinematics, following the unfortunate incident.

Leg caught as cinemagoer stood up

The patient's husband, who declined to be named, told Mothership that they were catching a 10pm movie on Dec. 18, in Platinum Hall 2 of the cinema.

After the movie had ended, the couple stood up to leave.

The husband said that this was when the woman's chair started to close up automatically.

As a result, her left leg was caught in the gap of the side of the chair as the armchair closed up.

Photo courtesy of Mothership.sg reader

She reportedly remained stuck for two minutes while her husband tried to find a way to release the chair's mechanism.

They eventually found a button which did so, but she had already sustained bruises on her leg and ankle.

Photo courtesy of Mothership.sg reader

Staff offered assistance

The couple sought help from the staff who were on duty, who offered their immediate assistance.

In response to Mothership's queries, EagleWings Cinematics confirmed that their management had followed up with the couple after the incident, and offered to pay for the bills incurred from a doctor's visit.

The cinema had also clarified with the couple that the seat the wife was on used an auto-return sensor feature.

Since the incident, a warning, which informs viewers to be mindful when operating the recline function, has been put up outside each hall with such seats, EagleWings added.

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Top image courtesy of Mothership.sg reader