S'pore Car Club customer reports handbrake issue, staff tells her to use her 'bimbo brain'

Car Club has apologised to the customer.

Sulaiman Daud | December 25, 2020, 01:33 PM

A customer of Car Club's car-sharing service had a little trouble with a rental she picked up, and sent some feedback to the company.

But she wasn't expecting the tone of the reply that followed.

Car Club bills itself as the first sharing-service provider in Singapore. Customers choose a car they like, and pick it up from one of their stations.

On Dec. 18, a customer named Shannice Ng did so.

Trouble with handbrake

Speaking to Mothership, she said she performed the necessary checks, and was about to push down the handbrake and drive away.

However, she faced some difficulty in pressing the handbrake button.

She called the company, and followed their advice, such as stepping on the brake pedal or lifting up the handbrake. But nothing worked, and she sent Car Club a message through its app, reporting the problem with the handbrake button.

Fortunately, another customer managed to help Ng to push down the handbrake, and she was able to drive away.

But that wasn't the end of the matter. Ng then received an email from someone purporting to be a senior customer experience executive with Car Club.

Customer service staff's reply

The email reads:

"Hi Shannice,

Well noted on your embarrassing complaint,

We will need to revise your membership as apparently you did not pass your driving test and might have forge your license thus the "handbrake" issue.

Please use a little bit of your bimbo brain as you are wasting precious time for us to handle higher paying/priority members and also smart members we uses they brains.

If you are unhappy with this arrangements please email my director at [email address], I dare you!! as I will be quitting this stupid position soon and moving on to green pastures as I am a High GPA Polytechnic graduate.

P.S, I am much good looking and have a hotter body than you."

Ng sent another email in reply, explaining that the handbrake was stuck.

Car Club then contacted Ng, saying they would investigate the "unfortunate incident" and the "highly inappropriate email". They also said a member of senior management would personally call Ng to explain more, and said they were "deeply sorry" about the matter.

Ng shared her experience with a post on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Dec. 25.

Ex-contract employee brought in to help out during peak period

When contacted, a spokesperson from Car Club said they do not condone the remarks, and are disappointed as it is uncharacteristic of their service standards.

The spokesperson informed Mothership that following an investigation, it turned out that the person behind the remarks was an ex-contract employee who was brought in to help the company during the peak period.

The employee has been "dealt with", although the spokesperson did not specify the exact measures taken.

The spokesperson added:

"We have already contacted those that have been affected. And also have offered them our apologies as well as the necessary restitution for this unpleasant experience that was a result of mischief.

We have concluded our investigations of this matter. And we are also exploring legal avenues for further actions.

We have also counselled our affected staff and will step up any support for them for this unpleasant experience."

Top image from Car Club Singapore Facebook page.