Man hangs full-sized bicycle on MRT grab poles, swears colourfully at commuters

For last mile transportation, perhaps.

Nigel Chua | December 16, 2020, 07:15 PM

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There is a type of bicycle known as a commuter bicycle, typically coming with flat handlebars and a comfortable riding posture, carrying commuters — as its name suggests — to their destinations.

A commuter bicycle in Singapore recently became a commuter, however, when it was brought into an MRT station and on board a train, as seen in a video uploaded to Facebook on Dec. 16.

The video shows the bicycle hanging precariously from the MRT grab poles by its handlebar and saddle, swaying with the movement of the train at one point.

GIF via Nurul Hanisha on Facebook

The electronic signboard in the train can be seen displaying a message suggesting the location of the train: "Next station EW24 Jurong East". Another message read: "This train service will end at EW29 Joo Koon".

This suggests that the train was westbound, between Clementi and Jurong East MRT stations at the time that the video was taken.

Colourful swearing

A man dressed in a baggy shirt and camouflage print trousers, presumably the owner of the bicycle, was also captured in the video swearing in Hokkien, Malay and English.

The target of his rage could not be discerned from the video, and the man's fellow commuters mostly looked on calmly.

Among other run-of-the-mill phrases, the man could be heard belting out other less-conventional vulgarities like "your father's husband".

This appeared to draw some laughter from a commuter.

"Don't laugh lah, your balls are shivering. Don't laugh, your balls are shivering. Ok? If I can take off your pants and show the world how big you are, they'll laugh at you," the man said in response.

Full-size bicycles not allowed on trains

Full-size bicycles and other large items are not allowed on trains.

From 1 June 2017, commuters were allowed to carry personal mobility devices (PMDs) and foldable bicycles on board public transport at all hours of the day, following a six-month trial, according to the Land Transport Authority.

However, all articles or items brought onto public transport would need to be within the dimensions of 120cm by 70cm by 40 cm.

Commuter identified, police report made

In response to queries from Mothership, SMRT said that the incident occured at around 7:10pm on Dec. 15.

SMRT staff tried to stop the commuter from entering the train at Woodlands station, but he was uncooperative and forced his way into a train.

He then transferred to a west-bound train at Jurong East station and exited at Pioneer station at about 7:50pm.

SMRT said it has since identified the commuter and made a police report.

"For the safety and comfort of all commuters, we would like to remind everyone to observe regulations when bringing foldable bicycles and personal mobility devices on board trains and buses," said Margaret Teo, SMRT Corporation's Chief Communications Officer.

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Top image via Nurul Hanisha on Facebook