Bedok condo tenant reportedly refuses to move despite owing 17 months' rent, rips up lawyer's letter on the spot

Episode 2.

Mandy How | December 29, 2020, 12:23 PM

The Bedok tenant notorious for evading rent has made headlines in Shinmin Daily News again.

The parties remain the same, with 67-year-old Shen Tianbao as tenant and 60-year-old Mr. He as landlord.

Speaking to the Chinese daily, the landlord said that Shen had signed a contract for one year in mid-2019, for S$4,000 per month in rent.

It was previously reported that the tenant had paid one month's rent before moving in, but started making excuses soon after.

Since occupying the unit, Shen has reportedly not paid up and owes at least 17 months of rent, which amounts to S$68,000.

While Landlord He has filed a case with the court for some time, the process was delayed due to Covid-19.

It was only in August that the judgement in his favour was released.

Shinmin reported that besides He, two other plaintiffs have also succeeded in their case against Shen.

In He's case, the tenant was ordered to pay S$2,000 in legal fees.

However, when Shen was presented with a lawyer's letter stating that he should move out before 5pm on Dec. 24, he apparently ripped it apart on the spot.

The landlord told Shinmin that it was the first time he had encountered such an "unbelievable" person, and that he had been losing sleep over the case.

He even wanted wanted to let Shen move out without paying rent, but tenant allegedly refused to leave.

Landlord He has resorted to applying for a Writ of Possession, which would allow him to recover the debt through the court.

"From what I know, I'm already the eighth victim. The tenant has been asking if there are any other units for rent nearby, I'm worried that another landlord might fall victim."

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