Andy Lau, 59, looks 39, partly because he's vegetarian. And rich.

One way to stop eating meat is to eat really nice vegetarian food.

Belmont Lay | December 01, 2020, 05:41 PM

Hongkong heavenly king Andy Lau, 59, still looks like he pretty much did in his heyday in the 1990s, despite spending 39 years in showbiz living it up.

But a clue as to how Lau preserves his evergreen countenance and appeal was made known on the Chinese internet recently, shedding some light on how Lau's signature chiselled looks and flawless complexion is maintained.

Receipt for Andy Lau's personal meal

Circulating on Weibo was a photo of a Nov. 26 receipt labelled “Solely vegetarian food only, Andy Lau’s personal meal”.

The meal was supposedly catered for Lau for lunch when he was a judge at the Golden Rooster Film Venture Capital Conference in China in end-November.

What did Lau eat?

Lau's meal consisted of five vegetarian items: Mushroom soup, Taiwanese vermicelli, stir-fried Chinese yam with fungus, steamed pumpkin with chestnuts, and bamboo shoot stew.

Online commentators wrote that they are taking note of Lau's diet so as to achieve similar results.

But these dishes are not the usual run-of-the-mill variety of vegetarian food.

Commentators were quick to point out that Lau's choice of vegetarian dishes don't come cheap.

“Rich people eat exquisite vegetarian food,” one commented.

Another said resisting meat would be possible with such vegetarian food as substitute.

Vegetarian for 7 years

Lau has been a vegetarian since 2013, he revealed in 2019.

He switched dietary paths to follow his Malaysian wife Carol Chu and eight-year-old daughter Hanna, both of whom are vegetarians.

He said then that it “felt strange to be the only one eating meat” in the family.

Lau also revealed that he abstains from starch and sugar to prepare for his live shows, even though giving up starch initially made him hungry easily.

He ate six eggs a day to ensure he has protein, and lots of vegetables, in preparation for his Hong Kong concerts two years ago.

Lau has a nutritionist to guide him.

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