43-year-old woman apprehended under mental health act near Ang Mo Kio Hub

Police said that the woman behaved in an "erratic and aggressive manner".

Syahindah Ishak | December 15, 2020, 06:55 PM

In a viral video that was posted on Dec. 15, a few police officers can be seen using force to restrain a woman at a traffic light stop in Ang Mo Kio.

Based on the video, the incident happened near Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Screenshot from Google Maps.

Screenshot from Google Maps.

Police officers restrained the woman

In the beginning of the footage, two police officers can be seen kneeling on the ground, trying to restrain a woman.

A few seconds later, several other police officers arrive to help restrain the woman.

The woman repeatedly shouts in Mandarin that the police are "beating" her.

Two passers-by accuse officers of manhandling the woman

A female passer-by can be heard saying in Malay: "Why did they handcuff the woman? They can't handcuff her."

Another passer-by, a man wearing a red shirt, shouts at the officers: "Eh hello, she's a lady, you know? [...] Eh, don't use force lah!"

He then crosses the road and continues shouting, this time cursing the officers in Malay.

He also shouts: "You used force! I saw since just now. You used force!"

Two police officers try to calm him down, but he continues shouting.

At the 2:36 minute mark, a policeman says to the woman in Mandarin: "We are here to help you."

The woman then replies: "I just want to earn living here, just earn enough to eat can already…Let go of me, remove the handcuff, we are all Chinese."

"She was being aggressive towards us"

At this point, the two passers-by from before confront the police officers.

The man in the red shirt says in Malay: "If it was a female officer, then it's fine. But you guys are men."

One policeman replies: "She was being aggressive towards us... we are doing our job."

He subsequently shows his broken lanyard and explains: "If she didn't do all these things, I wouldn't have gone to restrain her."

Another police officer adds: "She was being aggressive towards us so we have to use necessary force to keep her in control. It's our duty."

Woman continues struggling after being handcuffed

A second video was uploaded in the comments section of the post.

In the video, the police officers try to calm the woman, but she continues struggling even with handcuffs on her.

She then shouts in Mandarin: "Police is catching me! Why are you guys catching me? Help! Help!"

Woman apprehended under mental health act

In response to Mothership's queries, the police said that they received a call for assistance at 4:43pm on Dec. 14 in relation to a woman who was "believed to be of unsound mind and creating trouble".

When the police officers arrived, they attempted to engage the 43-year-old woman but she was uncooperative and started shouting incoherently.

Police added that she also behaved in an "erratic and aggressive manner" near the road junction.

For her safety and the safety of other road users, the police officers proceeded to restrain her and bring her to safety.

Female police officers subsequently arrived at the scene to assist.

The woman was apprehended under Section 7 of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act.

No injuries were reported during the incident.

The police also explained:

"Police officers have a duty to protect lives and property as well as to maintain peace and order. Male officers are allowed to apprehend women in the execution of their duties, without a female officer present."

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Top image screenshots from Aizz Zboy/FB.