Alverna Cher's ex-bf’s death: Deceased man's mother assumed son really died of heart attack

Death now points to suspected foul play as funeral director ex-girlfriend suddenly arrested.

Belmont Lay | December 04, 2020, 03:58 AM

More details about the case of a 38-year-old Singaporean woman, Alverna Cher Sheue Pin, who was charged in court over the death of her former boyfriend in May 2020, has emerged.

Chinese media recounts what happened on day body was found

Lianhe Wanbao reported on Dec. 3 that the Singapore police conducted its investigations and spoke to multiple individuals, which eventually led to Cher's sudden arrest on Dec. 2, more than six months after the passing of her ex-boyfriend on May 16, during the circuit breaker period.

Cher, who is the director of City Funeral Singapore, was formally charged in court on Dec. 3.

The deceased man, 32-year-old Wee Jun Xiang, was a composer, and was also known as Sean.

Chinese media reported on passing as a "heart attack"

On May 19, Wanbao reported that Wee passed away on May 16, in what was then assumed to be routine reporting on a death in a neighbourhood.

Wee's death was even attributed to a possible sudden heart attack at that time.

Details of Wee's passing were then reiterated in this latest Chinese news report.

Deceased man found "with head up"

As a recap, Wanbao reported that the deceased man was found in a car back in May.

The exact location was at Deck 4B of the multi-storey car park at Block 145A Bedok Reservoir Road.

He was even attended to by a doctor at the scene after he was discovered.

These circumstances have always led to Wee's mother believing that her son had died of a heart attack, despite his relatively young age.

The latest court documents are devoid of details of the incident, which will be made public if and when the case goes to trial.

Interview with deceased man's mother

Wanbao also managed to again interview Wee's mother, who is identified as Yang.

Yang, who is 60 years old, had told Wanbao previously in May in an interview during her son's wake, that she felt her son's death was too sudden, but she still accepted it.

In the follow-up interview with Yang on Dec. 3, she recounted how her son celebrated Mother's Day with her at home.

She recalled that he said that he was not feeling too well at that time, and had experienced chest problems, and he went to visit the doctor because of it.

She said she thought at that time her son feeling unwell was linked to his love for greasy food and that he was overweight.

Yang also told Wanbao that when the family rushed to the scene where her son's body was found, he was seated in the driver's seat of the car with his head up.

Yang told Wanbao in the fresh interview: "I thought back to what he said on Mother's Day, so there was no doubt that he died of a heart attack."

After the death of her son, Yang sold his clothes and only kept his photos.

She said: "Every time I look at my son's photos and listen to the songs he composed during his lifetime, I still cannot help but cry."

Cher will appear in court again on Dec. 10.

Full background about the case so far:

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