A summary of Felicia Teo's 13-year cold case & the 2 men suspected of murdering her


Nyi Nyi Thet | December 17, 2020, 10:03 PM

You would have probably seen a flurry of posts regarding the recent arrest of a man suspected of a 2007 murder.

Here are the keys points of the case.

When did the missing case take place?

19-year-old Felicia Teo went missing on June 30, 2007.

Teo was then a student at Lasalle.

You can read more about the intricacies of the case here:

But to summarise, prior to being missing, she had gone to a flat at Marine Terrace with two male friends.

And at around 2am, the two men claimed she left the flat.

There was no CCTV footage of her leaving the block via the lift.

What did the police do in 2007?

After a missing report was filed by Teo's mother on July 3, 2007, the investigation officers conducted extensive investigations, but were unable to locate the missing teen.

They also interviewed the two men who last saw Felicia.

However, both men claimed that Teo had left the residential unit in "the wee hours" on her own accord.

The unit was searched and the CCTV footage around the vicinity of the unit were reviewed. Nothing incriminating was found.

It is unclear when exactly this interview with the two men took place, or when the search of the unit was carried out.

As the police did not find any facts that linked the two men to the disappearance, the case was classified as a missing person case and a police gazette was issued to locate her.

Another gazette, a property gazette, was also issued for properties believed to be in Felicia's possession when she was reported missing.

What else was done in 2007?

Outside of police work, The Straits Times reported that about 100 of her friends and relatives searched for her at her favourite hangouts.

Missing flyers were also placed all over Singapore.

Her parents, fearing she had been abducted and taken to Johor, had even gone to Johor with photos of her, asking strangers if they had seen Teo.

In a Today article, the two men had been cited describing their version of events, saying that she had left "in a huff" carrying her "cream-coloured bag containing her Apple laptop and digital camera".

What happened after 2007?

According to the police, the procedure for unsolved missing person reports involve regular reviews of cases to check for new leads.

Selected cases which have been unsolved for a protracted period of time are surfaced to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for fresh review.

In Teo's case, interviews with family members and other witnesses were conducted, as well as checks on her possible movements, as well as her bank accounts, emails, social media accounts and travel records.

No new leads were revealed.

In July 2020, the case was referred to CID.

What changed?

CID uncovered new leads into the case while tracing the properties believed to be in Felicia’s possession when she was reported missing.

CID managed to link one of the properties to the 35-year-old suspect and arrested him on Dec. 15, 2020 in relation to Teo's disappearance.

It is unclear, which property was linked to the arrested man.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Felicia had died before the report was lodged on July 3, 2007 and that the suspect had allegedly disposed of Felicia’s body subsequently with the male friend.

The search for Felicia’s remains is ongoing.

Who are the two suspects?

Ragil Putra Setia Bin Sukmarahjana, 32, and Ahmad Danial Bin Mohamed Rafa'ee, 35, are the two suspects.

Both men graduated from Lasalle.

Danial was charged in court on Dec. 17, appearing via video link.

He will be remanded for a week at the Central Police Division for further investigations to take place

However, prior to that, he will be remanded at Tanglin Police Division as he is on MC until Dec. 20.

The other suspect, 32-year-old Ragil, is currently not in Singapore.

His Linkedin account and other social media pages were deactivated earlier today, after news of Danial's arrest was published.


The offence of murder, punishable under Section 302 of the Penal Code, carries the death penalty.

In addition, if the act of murder was carried out by multiple people, each of them are liable to be charged as if they had carried out the act alone.