Yun Nans at Westgate offering 50% off bill on Nov. 24 & 25

Value for money.

Fasiha Nazren | November 19, 2020, 05:38 PM

Chinese casual restaurant Yun Nans is celebrating the first anniversary of its Westgate outlet.

Known for its Yunnan ethnic highland cuisines, the restaurant will be celebrating the occasion by offering 50 per cent off the total dine-in food bill on Nov. 24 and 25.

Photo from Yun Nans.

The discount is valid for dine-in only and is not applicable in conjunction with other promotions.

To add on, the Westgate outlet will now have 10 exclusive dishes on its menu.

Here are the 10 dishes:

1) Crispy duck with dried chillies (S$15.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dish is made using fresh and deboned duck.

It is then deep-fried until crispy before stirfried with chillies and crispy broad beans.

2) Poached seabass in spicy pickled vegetable broth (S$28.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dish feature mustard greens from Yunnan as well as other pickled vegetables, seabass, sweet potato flour sticks and tofu.

3) Dragon chives with Yunnan beancurd skin (S$12.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

4) Charcoal grilled wheat pumpkin (S$7.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

The wheat pumpkin is specially air-flown to Singapore and grilled to bring out its natural sweetness, along with sprinkling of a special Yunnan spice mix.

5) Stir fried Yunnan rice noodle with assorted seafood (S$12.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dish is made with Yun Nans' signature prawn broth and a medley of fresh seafood including squid and prawns.

6) Steam pot chicken soup with Yunnan red mushrooms (S$13.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dish is pressure-steamed for three hours and is brewed using a technique that does not require a drop of water.

7) Deep fried pork fillet with homemade spicy dip (S$9.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

The deep-fried pork fillet is paired with a green dip which has a sour-spicy note.

8) Stir fried pork collar with scallions (S$16.90)

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dish includes shallows, spring onions and leeks which are flash-fried before it is stir-fried with pork collar.

9) Sauteed asparagus with golden fungus and mushroom

Photo from Yun Nans.

10) Brown sugar jelly served with rose puree

Photo from Yun Nans.

This dessert is a local snack in Yunnan that is best enjoyed during the summer.

The jelly is made in-house and paired with house-made rose petal puree and hand-fried brown sugar.

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Yun Nans has a total of three outlets in Singapore:

  • Jewel Changi Airport
  • Westgate
  • Nex

Top image from Yun Nans.