Xiaxue 'very happy' with outcome of legal case against instigator from 'woke mob'

Wrapping things up.

Mandy How | November 05, 2020, 04:20 PM

Singaporean blogger/ influencer Xiaxue has announced that she is "heartened" by her harasser's apology and glad that things have come to an end.

This comes after Twitter user Elouise Quek published a statement to her social media accounts on Nov. 4, 2020.

In July this year, Quek had posted a number of allegations about the influencer and extensively circulated these allegations.

She also encouraged other users to hound Xiaxue's sponsors and business partners, so that they would be pressured into dropping the influencer from their campaigns and projects, and refrain from doing paid work with the influencer.

In response to Quek's post, a number of users have expressed their solidarity and made clear their view that it was "bullying" by Xiaxue.

Update from Xiaxue

On her end, Xiaxue provided an update for her followers as well, saying that she could only divulge the details now that the case is settled.

For one, the influencer is "very happy" with the outcome.

Most of her post, however, was dedicated to rebuking the accusations of bullying.

"This is ludicrous. I do not know this person nor have done anything personally to her. Yet when she struck the first blow by causing me, my clients and my employees significant distress, *I* am the bully? Is this a joke?"

Following this, Xiaxue listed several reasons for her case:

  • She had only filed a Protection Order, and not a defamation suit, which would have cost Quek financially if she was ordered to pay for damages and legal fees.
  • In her 17 years as a public figure, she has only filed two Protection Orders, and no defamation suits despite the "terrible and often blatantly untrue comments" that have been made about her.
  • Quek crossed a line by googling the clients that she (Xiaxue) has worked with, and listing their contact information on the circulated document. Quek also created a template message that made it easy for others to spam the brands' accounts, all the while displaying "apparent glee" at any success.
  • Quek had further searched Twitter for any negative mentions of Xiaxue, and invited the posters to participate in the "cancelling."

The influencer wrapped up her missive by warning the "increasingly woke younger generation" that their actions can also be held accountable.

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Top image via Xiaxue's Instagram page