Young Cambodia woman marries 70-year-old, couple receives nasty comments for relationship

Haters gonna hate.

Tanya Ong | November 05, 2020, 05:17 PM


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A bride recently took to social media to declare her love for her husband, but instead of receiving well wishes, the couple was slammed instead.

The bride, known as Soda Meng, had taken to Facebook to post photos of herself and her husband, a 70-year-old man from China, Shi Song Bang.

It is unclear when exactly they got married, but it is likely to be this year in October.

Meng and her husband live in Cambodia.

Soda Meng/FB

Soda Meng/FB

Soda Meng/FB

Meng would also post affectionate Facebook status updates on her relationship, saying "thank you for always being my side," or "thank you hubby for accepting me, in the past and in the present".

One caption also said: "I will love only you in this lifetime."

Soda Meng/FB

Soda Meng/FB

Negative comments

According to China Press, Meng had also written in one of her posts that she was grateful for her husband, who has been "taking care of her for the past eight years".

"I am very lucky to have married you... Your love for me is true, thank you hubby," she wrote.

China Press reported that netizens responded by criticising the couple, calling her a "gold digger" and mocking their age difference.

One also wrote, "I really envy this man from China for being able to marry such a beautiful woman."

It appears that the post in question has since been taken down, or had its privacy settings changed. Her husband has also changed the privacy settings for some of his Facebook posts.

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Top photo via Soda Meng, Shi Song Bang/FB.