Vietnam woman, 62, goes for cosmetic surgery to look 'beautiful' after marrying 26-year-old

The pair married in 2018.

Tanya Ong | November 24, 2020, 04:33 PM

A 62-year-old woman recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her husband, who is in his twenties.

Known as Hoa Cương Thu Sao on Facebook, she previously went viral for the age gap between her and her husband when they wedded in 2018.

Hoa Cương Thu Sao/FB

Thu Sao & Triệu Hoa Cương/FB

Hoa Cương Thu Sao/FB

In 2020, the marriage appears to be going strong, with the woman recently writing an affectionate Facebook post dedicated to her husband, China Press reported.

Her post apparently said:

"These three years, people have questioned our relationship and even attacked us, but we have stayed together and proven that our love is real. In a blink of an eye, three years have passed, and our time together has been so blissful. The future will be just as blissful."

Hoa Cương Thu Sao/FB

Originally rejected him, but later accepted his proposal

The woman, who owns a beauty salon as well as a small coffee shop, has two daughters from a previous marriage. She re-married eight years after her husband passed away, a 2018 VnExpress article reported.

The article also said that the pair had met in the coffee shop the woman runs. The man was a regular customer, and the pair had hit it off.

Initially, she had thought of him as a "brother", and rejected his proposal as she thought he was just fooling around. But she came to realise he was serious when he continued to woo her.

Despite people in the community mocking them for their age gap, she said she is "just like any other woman, a normal human getting married".

Spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgeries

After they got married, Vietnamese media reported she has gone through multiple cosmetic surgeries, involving procedures for her nose and brow area.

The woman had spent over 100 million dong (S$5,776) on these surgeries.

She also apparently said that the reason for going for plastic surgery is not because she didn't feel like she was good enough for her husband, but because she wanted to look "beautiful".

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Top photo via Hoa Cương Thu Sao