Chaos & scuffling at Nagoya Japan store over Uniqlo X Jil Sander collection

Japan finally behaving like the rest of the world.

Andrew Koay | November 16, 2020, 04:37 PM

Uniqlo's latest collaboration with minimalist German designer Jil Sander has hit stores in Japan, sending some fashion fanatics into a frenzy.

The much-anticipated "+J Collection" drop created chaos at Uniqlo's Nagoya Gate Tower store, with videos and pictures showing thronging crowds packed like sardines in the aisles of the fashion retailer.

According to Sora News, customers on social media reported that tussles for the clothes resulted in displays being broken, leaving shattered glass all over the floor of the store.

Other products were crushed and soiled with images showing strewn on the ground.

Meanwhile, some desperate shoppers stripped the stores' mannequins of their effects.

Didn't use a ticketed entry system

The Nagoya Gate Tower branch — the largest Uniqlo in the Tokai region — had failed to use a ticketed entry system, Sora News added.

The store's employees had underestimated the demand for the "+J Collection".

Thankfully, the mayhem dissipated about an hour or two after the store opened, and no one was reported to be hurt.

At other locations around Japan — such as the Shinjuku Station West Entrance branch —  such ticketed entry systems were used.

Massive queues were also seen at other Uniqlo locations around Japan.

Nov. 20 launch in Singapore

The "+J Collection" will be launched in Singapore, both online and in selected physical stores, on Nov. 20, 2020.

It features a range of fall and winter clothing "inspired by a sense of enlightened understatement".

The collection includes wool and down jackets, cardigans, dresses, chinos, and Supima cotton shirts for both men and women.

Here's a quick look at it:

The entire collection can be previewed on Uniqlo's website.

Top image from Keitoku1115 and You_bford's Twitter page and Uniqlo's website

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