New Orchard bakery offers thick, colourful toasts like Chocolate Matcha, Salted Cheese & more

Natural colouring.

Siti Hawa | November 11, 2020, 02:42 PM

Sugar Toast has opened its first Singapore store at Wisma Atria.

Menu overview

The bakery chain, which has over 130 outlets in China, offers handmade loaves in 14 flavours.

The brand distinguishes themselves from other bakeries with their thick cut slices, as well as naturally colourful bread that come in unconventional flavours.

Here are some items on the menu:

  • Original Toast (S$6.90 per loaf)
  • Rainbow Cranberry Toast (S$7.90 per loaf): A combination of Sugar Toast's Original, Matcha, and Dragon Fruit flavours.
  • Purple Sweet Potato Toast (S$7.90 per loaf): Made with purple potato puree.
  • White Chocolate Matcha Toast (S$7.90 per loaf): Combination of white chocolate and matcha.
  • Dragon Fruit Walnut Toast (S$7.90 per loaf): Made of red dragon fruit pulp with walnuts and dragon fruit seeds.
  • Salted Cheese Toast (S$7.90 per loaf): Cream cheese cubes with Himalayan salt.
  • Cheese Crown (S$10.90 per loaf): Reminiscent of Hokkaido milk bread.

Other flavours you can expect for S$7.90 per loaf include:

  • Dark Chocolate Toast
  • Brown Sugar Toast
  • Souffle Toast
  • Souffle Raisin Toast
  • Chicken Toast
  • Cranberry Toast
  • Japanese Mix Toast
  • Matcha Red Bean Toast

Taste test

Original Toast:

Photo by Siti Hawa

The Original Toast tastes a tad buttery as described.

However, we felt that it was a little too dry and bland to be enjoyed on its own. Jam or more butter would go well with this bread.

Each slice of toast was considerably thicker than what we were used to.

Purple Sweet Potato Toast:

Photo by Siti Hawa

We liked the subtle touch of sweet potato. This is definitely tastier than the usual plain bread and is good on its own.

White Chocolate Matcha Toast:

Photo by Siti Hawa

The moment we opened the packaging, we could smell the Matcha wafting through the air. It is also one of the more aesthetically pleasing toasts.

The Matcha taste might be a little underwhelming to those who prefer something stronger, but we found it just right. Matter of personal preference.

Rainbow Cranberry Toast:

Photo by Siti Hawa

The Rainbow Cranberry Toast was our favourite as the toast combined Sugar Toast's Original, Matcha and Dragon Fruit flavours, which went surprisingly well together.

The toast also came with cranberry which was nice to bite into.

Photo by Siti Hawa

Something called the Cheese Crown is also available.

Top photo via Sugar Toast on Facebook

The toasts you purchase will be packed into quaint little paper bags:

Photo by Siti Hawa

Each loaf can be kept for up to four days at room temperature.

The process

According to Sugar Toast, the process of preparing the bread takes up to four hours. To ensure that the end product is fluffy, the dough is pounded over 200 times to flatten it before it's folded.

Gif by Siti Hawa

Various ingredients such as walnuts and cranberries are incorporated into its layers.

Photo by Siti Hawa

Each loaf of bread is priced between S$6.90 to S$7.90 and is cut into approximately five, 2cm slices.

Sugar Toast Wisma Atria

Address: #B1-48 Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877

Opening hours: 11am to 9pm, daily

To celebrate its opening, Sugar Toast is running a five-day promotion from Nov. 11 to 15 where shoppers can enjoy 11 per cent discount on all items.

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Top photos by Siti Hawa