S'pore siblings, 18 & 19, steal grandmother's ATM card, blow S$28,500 of her savings on shopping

They were found with branded goods and Apple products.

Tanya Ong | November 09, 2020, 12:37 PM

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A pair of siblings in Singapore used their grandmother's ATM card and spent over S$28,000 on branded goods.

Elder sister knew the grandmother's PIN

Lianhe Zaobao reported that, the boy, 18, had taken his 80-year-old grandmother's ATM card, which she left on the bed, earlier in March this year.

His elder sister, 19, happened to know their grandmother's PIN number, and so, both of them decided to withdraw some money and split it between both of them.

Within seven days, both of them withdrew S$28,600 and spent it at various places.

Purchased branded goods

The police found that they had all sorts of items in their possession, including sneakers, clothes, branded underwear and wallets, cosmetics, and Apple products such as an iPhone and iWatch.

Both parties have admitted that these items were purchased using the money from their grandmother's account,  Zaobao reported.

In addition, the sister also deposited S$1,013 into her personal account, and transferred the money to her mother. However, her mother did not know about the origins of the money.

Grandmother lodged police report

Their grandmother lodged a police report when she noticed that her card had gone missing, and that money was also missing from her account.

At that time, she did not know that it was her grandchildren's doing.

The sibling pair has since been charged in court. Apart from stealing, the boy has also pleaded guilty to molest in an unrelated case, according to Zaobao.

He will be sentenced at a later date.

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