Man in S'pore allegedly rented a place to stay with domestic helper after girlfriend's attempt to send her back to Indonesia

MOM investigating the matter.

Zhangxin Zheng | November 13, 2020, 05:42 PM

A man in Singapore has made the news after having an affair with his domestic helper behind the back of his long-time partner.

The man is not legally married to his long-time partner, but he has a daughter with her.

The couple from China came to Singapore for over 10 years and have been co-habiting for many years.

As both of them are working, they hired a domestic helper, a 28-year-old Indonesian national in late-2017 to help take care of their daughter.

Girlfriend learnt about the affair through her daughter

Speaking to the Chinese evening newspaper, Lianhe Wanbao, the man's girlfriend uncovered his affair with the domestic helper last year.

One day, her toddler said to her, "Daddy hugged Kakak (which means sister in Malay)."

She then confronted her boyfriend who denied that he's cheating on her.

However, since then, she started to realise how attentive the boyfriend was towards their helper.

The boyfriend would insist on driving the helper and her daughter to school and send the helper back home even though it was just a few minutes walk between their home and the school, she told Wanbao.

Attempt to send domestic helper back to Indonesia

The couple also got into argument several times over the boyfriend's attitude towards the helper.

She then decided to send the helper home before the contract ended.

She sent her to the airport personally and watched her enter the departure area before heading back home, she recounted.

However, her relationship with her boyfriend did not improve afterwards.

Domestic helper still in Singapore, gave birth to a child

The boyfriend no longer cooked for her and their daughter like before, she told Wanbao.

During the circuit breaker period, he headed out to work daily.

She turned suspicious because of that and checked her boyfriend's phone.

That's how she found out that the helper is still living in Singapore and even gave birth to a baby girl in May 2020 with her boyfriend.

She also learnt from the agent that the helper's work permit has been extended and that the helper has been posting photos of expensive gifts from her "lover" on social media.

MOM investigating

A Ministry of Manpower (MOM) spokesperson confirmed with Mothership that they are investigating the helper and the man.

"The Ministry of Manpower is aware of the case and is investigating both the employer and the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) for offences under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act."

Not getting pregnant or delivering a child in Singapore unless they are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident with the approval of MOM is one of the conditions that work permit holders have to comply with.

This applies even after the work permit has expired, cancelled or revoked, according to MOM's website.

If a domestic helper becomes pregnant, her employer has to report it to MOM.

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Top image by Lianhe Wanbao