Do your kids have no idea what they want to do with their life? This ‘camp’ might help.

Try everything from testing DNA to ethical hacking.

Sulaiman Daud | Sponsored | November 12, 2020, 06:31 PM

There are generally two kinds of parents. The first group knows absolutely everything about their kids and prefers laying down strict ground rules about where their kids can go outside of school.

The second group prefers to give their kids more freedom, and letting them do their own thing unless it results in serious trouble.

But no matter which group you belong to (and you may even be a bit of both), you would probably agree on one thing -- your kids have no idea what they want to do in the future.

Whether they’re at home glued to the computer, or outside getting up to mischief, it’s rare for youths to have their future all planned and mapped out. And in this digital age, the concept of "studying hard and getting a good job" is no longer enough for the zoomer generation.

Try something new

So what is a parent to do? Wouldn’t it be great if there was some way your child can gain experience in different fields, until they come across the one that suits them best?

You could encourage your child to take up one part-time job over the holidays. Or you could sign them up for the PSB Academy Immersion Programme instead.

Aimed at fresh O-Level and Nitec graduates, this is a week-long “camp” where prospective students get to try out a wide range of disciplines to get a better understanding of where their passions may lie.

Day 1 - Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset

Attendees can hear from a business lecturer who runs his own enterprise. They can learn entrepreneurial skills such as how to build trust among business partners and how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Day 2 - Forensics and fitness

Photo from PSB Academy.

Test DNA samples at the Life Science Lab to find out who is the imposter among us. Then shake off the rust by engaging in exercises and gym challenges to learn how athletes train.

Day 3 - Technical Wizardry

Is your child a fan of the Marvel Studios movies? Can they quote Iron Man by heart? Then they would love building electrical circuits and printing a 3-D model of their own.

Photo from PSB Academy.

Day 4 - White Hat Hacking

We’ve all heard of online security threats and shadowy hackers. But did you know that ethical hacking is a viable career option?

Big companies hire hackers to test the capabilities of their security systems, and update their defences accordingly. Attendees can get familiar with Cyber Security and some basic programming.

Day 5 - The Spotlight’s on You

Photo from PSB Academy

Is your child a potential star in the making? Even if they’re not, they might be interested in working behind the scenes instead. Attendees will get the chance to run their own podcast and TV programme.

But after all these fun experiences are over, you might be wondering what’s next? Well, O-Level and Nitec graduates can embark on a 6-month-long PSB Academy certificate course before they can enrol into a diploma. There is also a two-week trial class for a certificate programme, starting on Jan. 4, 2021.

In a world where paper qualifications mean less with each passing year, and technical skills are more highly valued by employers, it’s incredibly important for your child to know which industry suits them best.

While they could switch career options in the future, getting some hands-on experience is the best way to familiarise themselves with the job demands, and see if this is something they can commit themselves to in the long-term.

Sounds like a good opportunity? Then be sure to sign your child up for this week-long “camp”, which begins on Nov. 30, and costs S$200 to sign up.

At the very least, it will get your child busy during the holidays and you and your spouse can do something fun instead, just the two of you.

Find out more about PSB Academy’s Immersion Programme here.

This sponsored article by PSB Academy made the writer wish he had such programmes to attend when he was younger.

Top image from PSB Academy.