Prawning pond staff fired after allegedly helping himself to 16 bottles of beer on 3rd day of work

He was found passed out drunk, according to staff.

Tanya Ong | November 02, 2020, 06:06 PM

A man in Singapore was recently fired after the boss of a prawning pond found him passed out drunk at the counter.

New employee lives near the prawning pond

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the 38-year-old boss of the prawning pond known only as "Lin", said that the employee had been working at the place for only three days.

He had started work in October, but was let go on the 12th.

Lin told the Chinese daily that the employee told him that he's a single father who lives within walking distance from the prawning pond and is looking for a job with a night shift.

On the man's second day of work, Lin claimed that the man had taken his 5-year-old son along to work, and placed him alone at the counter.

Lin apparently then called the man, and said that he could go home to take care of his kid if there was no one else who could do so. He dropped the matter after the man said that he has already told his mother to fetch his son.

CCTV footage allegedly showed him drinking 16 bottles of beer

On the third day, however, Lin said that staff from the day shift had found the man drunk and lying in front of the counter at around 2pm.

Lin told LHWB that he checked CCTV footage and discovered that the man had come to the prawning pond at around noon. He alleged that the man opened the fridge, and helped himself to 16 bottles of beer before passing out in front of the counter.

When asked about it, the man admitted to drinking the alcohol, and was fired on the spot.

According to Wanbao, Lin does not intend to pursue the matter nor did he ask the man to pay him back for the beer.

An account of the incident had first been shared to Facebook by one DarDar, including screenshots of a conversation involving a woman asking the boss of the company to pay the employee for two days of work.

The post has subsequently been taken down, but the screenshots have been circulated on social media.

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