Old Chang Kee using curry puff dots to market 11.11 sale


Mandy How | November 03, 2020, 02:09 PM

Talk about fast.

Old Chang Kee is now using curry puff dots to market its 11.11 sale, after an online brouhaha over them last week.

A customer had made the embarrassing mistake of thinking the puffs with green dots were spoiled, and complaining about it online.

For its upcoming sale, the homegrown brand is boasting a new tagline of "Thank you for doting on us."

Image via Old Chang Kee

The one-day sale will see any six puffs (Curry’O, Sardine’O, Chicken Mushroom'O) and five packets of potato chips going at S$11 per set (U.P S$15.60).

This will be available at all Old Chang Kee outlets, except petrol kiosks.

Image via Old Chang Kee

The media release also ends off with an "Emily in Paris" reference:

"PS: We are fans of 'Emily in Paris' marketing campaigns. If we fall short of her high standards, please give chance ok? We are still social media newbies, just like her new colleagues!"

For those who are not cued in on the Netflix show, the eponymous Emily is an American marketing executive who has moved to Paris for work.

The character is known for being social media-savvy, often to the point of incredulity for anyone who has ever used any social media platform.

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Top image via Old Chang Kee