New MacBook Pro & MacBook Air with M1 chips offer minimum 15-hour battery life & faster operating speeds

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Sulaiman Daud | November 11, 2020, 12:36 PM

On Nov. 10, Apple announced its next generation of MacBook laptops that might be of interest if you're looking for an upgrade.

The three new products are:

  • MacBook Air
  • 13-inch MacBook Pro
  • Mac Mini

All three are powered by Apple's specially-designed M1 chip.

Previously, MacBooks used chips from Intel, but Apple announced that their partnership had dissolved back in June.

According to Apple, the chip offers "3.5x faster CPU, up to 6x faster GPU, up to 15x faster machine learning (ML) capabilities, and battery life up to 2x longer than before."

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, called the chip the "most powerful" the company has ever created, and when combined with the Big Sur operating system, provides access to more apps and software than in previous generations.

MacBook Air

Pic from Apple.

The new MacBook Air promises faster wi-fi performance and improved camera image quality for online calls, as well as faster exporting of videos.

It has a fanless design, so it runs silently.

It also boasts "extraordinary battery life", with up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 18 hours of video playback, depending on how it's used.

Prices start at US$999 (S$1,344) or US$899 (S$1,210) for educational purposes.

MacBook Pro

Pic from Apple.

The 8-Core CPU and its cooling system enables the MacBook pro to operate up to 2.8 times faster when compiling code or editing photos than the previous generation of MacBooks.

It also has up to twice the battery life of the previous generation of MacBooks, with up to 17 hours of wireless web browsing and up to 20 hours of video playback.

Like the MacBook Air, it also includes two Thunderbolt ports with USB 4 support.

The MacBook Air will set you back at least US$1,299 (S$1,748) or US$1,199 (S$1,613) for educational purposes.

Mac Mini

Pic from Apple.

The Mac Mini, continuing the trend, offers faster performance but in a more compact design.

Apple claims it can play graphics-intensive games with up to four times higher frame rates than the previous generation, as well as rendering a complex timeline in Final Cut Pro up to six times faster.

It adds, "(it) also features an advanced thermal design to sustain its breakthrough performance while staying cool and quiet, support for up to two displays including Apple’s Pro Display XDR in full 6K resolution, and Wi-Fi 6 for faster wireless performance and the Secure Enclave in M1 for best-in-class security."

The Mac Mini is available for US$699 (S$940), cheaper than the previous generation.

All three products are available for order on or the Apple Store app, and will begin arriving at customer's doorsteps or in Apple Stores on the week of Nov. 16.

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Top image from Apple.