S'porean designer turns 121 MRT station names into logos resembling prominent brands


Zhangxin Zheng | November 05, 2020, 06:21 PM

A 37-year-old Singaporean designer will change how you look at MRT station names from now on.

Lim Hang Kwong recently spent two and a half weeks turning 121 MRT station names to logos inspired by prominent brand designs.

121 MRT station names fit into prominent brand logos

Here's a compilation of all the brand logos which now have our MRT station names instead:

Can you identify which brand logos the names are inspired by?

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.


A fun and addictive challenge

Lim was inspired after watching a video that talks about how switching the context of subject matters.

He then started this fun challenge which also got really addictive as he thought about what brand to match which MRT station name "in the toilet or lying on the bed".

A UIUX concept designer who works at a local game studio, Lim said that he would work on these designs every night.

Lim also tapped on his cousin and cousin-in-law who both provided valuable feedback to make the designs more intuitive.

Lim told Mothership that he initially only used the brand fonts without the logo designs but his cousin-in-law, Reza, did not manage to guess a lot of them correctly.

That's when Lim decided to add in the logo designs so that the designs will look more obvious, even to those who not too familiar with certain brands.

Notable designs: challenging ones and Lim's favourites

Some MRT stations were harder to find a suitable (and prominent enough) brand to match too, Lim said.

Tanjong Pagar, Telok Blangah and Admiralty are among the difficult ones. But he managed to find their matches eventually by bouncing off ideas with his cousin Goh Siew Hui.

"Admiralty was tough [because I] can’t seem to find a match until I search for famous brands that started with A and break up the 'Admi' part to match 'Audi'," Lim told Mothership.

Telok Blangah ended up fitting Telegram's logo and Tanjong Pagar, Tropicana's.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Some MRT station names are easier to match as they already have some resemblance to brand names. For example, "Boon Keng" looks like "Burger King".

Lim's two favourite designs are the Tan Kah Kee and Pasir Ris ones:

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.

Lim said that he also completed the designs for some upcoming stations but he will save them for later.

Lim hopes that the quirky logos will cheer others up in this rather eventful year.

Here's his full post:

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Top image from Lim Hang Kwong/Facebook.