Meow, by M E Owmeow, a book written from the perspective of a cat is riveting read


Nyi Nyi Thet | November 20, 2020, 12:24 PM

A tweet by a man perplexed with his book purchase has gone viral.

Here's the book.

Image from Twitter/Nabilfikran10

And here's the gritty tale of a feline life.


The tweet details the man's regret at buying the book, and his realisation why it was on discount in the first place.

Other readings of the magnum opus tended to focus on the fact that the words are just "Meow".

But it makes sense considering what the novel was going for, seeing the description on Goodreads.

"Meow is a novel for cats written from the perspective of a cat."

It will set you back S$18 if you get it on Book Depository.

Cats love it.

Same vibe:

Image from Reddit

Now this kind of avant garde POV look at the life and times of an alley cat might not be for everyone, and that's perhaps the reason for the author's other seminal work:

Image from Book Depository


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Image from Nabilfikran10 and 9GAG