McDonald's Japan launching new Godiva dessert drink on Nov. 25 for limited time


Jane Zhang | November 23, 2020, 11:31 AM

McDonald's Japan often seems to have new and interesting creations for its customers.

On Nov. 25, McDonald's Japan is launching its exciting new creation, a chocolate espresso frappe in conjunction with Turkish-owned Belgian chocolate company Godiva.

Godiva dessert drink

On Nov. 19, the official Twitter account tweeted about the upcoming partnership with Godiva, as part of McDonald Japan's McCafé by Barista range.

According to the McDonald's Japan website, the new Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe contains dark chocolate sauce, cocoa powder, espresso, and milk.

The ice blended drink is then topped with chocolate whipped cream and drizzled with Belgian couverture chocolate sauce.

Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe. Photo via McDonald's Japan website.

Another version of the drink comes topped with a vanilla macaron, for those with an even bigger sweet tooth.

Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe & Macaron. Photo via McDonald's Japan website.

The Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe is available for 540 yen (S$6.98), while the Godiva Chocolate Espresso Frappe & Macaron costs 640 yen (S$8.28).

The drinks will be available for a limited time only.

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Top photo via Twitter / McDonald's Japan.